Friday, June 9, 2017

We Say Goodbye to Portugal

Well it's the last day of the conference and after late night at the gala Thursday night the peaceful breakfast hall was bustling with a huge group of new hotel guests. This is a day that calls for an extra coffee and pastry. Boy o boy, will I miss these breakfasts!


The last day of the conference closes with some discussion of how Portugal views itself and its HRD challenges. One of my favorite parts of this trip has been getting to know the local people and it was really interesting to get some insight on how they see themselves within the workplace.


After a quick nap, it's time to get back out and walk the Avenue Liberdade. I love this grand boulevard filled with statues and shaded by palm trees. 



Portugal is a nation strongly connected to its Roman Catholic roots and it seems like a church is around almost every corner. Regardless of your faith it's worth going inside because behind the simplest of facades can be astounding beauty, this is the Church of St Anthony from the early 17th century.

You would hardly notice it in a city filled with beautiful architecture.


But go inside and look up!



On our way back from my staff ride at the Castle of St George we passed a lovely little cafe that I thought I would never find again. Well low and behold while walking around doing some shopping I recognized the stairs we came down and after about 5 flights up it was right there.


 A cozy little spot for a break from the heat. 

 This was a day when we all got to go out and explore, I like to walk around take it all in while others did some sight seeing and grabbed some snacks.


Time for me to take a coffee and to head back to the hotel for dinner but the sound of music and the smell of roasting meat distracted me. The festival of St. Anthony is next week and the celebrations are already starting. So perhaps a late lunch is in order.


Time flies and time to start the painful process of packing for home. At least I know that I have found a new country to explore further. The Portuguese people have opened my eyes to a new culture that is warm and welcoming with a vibrant history that is alive in everyday life. 

Chao and Obrigado my ride to the airport is here.

Charles Ames

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